Supportive Personal Coaching

Just about everyone has a vision of his or her ideal life. Maybe you've always dreamed of becoming a successful writer or musician, but your vision hasn't quite made the leap from your mind to reality. That's where my personal coaching comes in.
Man Hiking - Personal Coaching

Goal Achieving

As a life and wellness coach, and a certified principal and educator in Texas, I provide the incentive and direction my clients need to improve their careers, relationships, and lives. I help clients hone their skills and ambitions, refocus their life's goals, and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of achieving those goals.

I will give you the motivation and tools you need to achieve your physical and emotional health goals. My experience allows me to show you the steps to take, and I will give you the encouragement to reach goals, such as:


   •  Losing a Few Pounds
   •  Finding a New Job

   •  Eating Better
   •  New Relationship
   •  Quitting Smoking    •  Reducing Stress

Unlike a nutritionist or physical therapist who would make specific diet and exercise recommendations, a wellness coach will help you make better general choices that fit within your lifestyle. Each session is tailored specifically around you.


With my affordable prices, there really is no reason to look elsewhere for coaching. I offer a free initial 30-minute intake session, and each session thereafter is priced at $80.

Contact me for more details about my personal coaching.